Terms & Conditions

1. General Terms

  • Any damage incurred to our vehicles directly caused by the passengers and/or their luggage will be liable for the cost required to repair / remedy, including but not limited to towing, labour and parts
  • Reid Chauffeurs carries a reasonable insurance to help protect the passenger and company from liabilities, however if such insurance doesn't cover damage, this is then the liability of the passengers if caused directly by them and/or their luggage
  • Reid Chauffeurs is only for pre-booking. Reid Chauffeurs cannot and will not operate as a 'taxi' service, you must book prior to your trip with us
  • Pickup times are not guaranteed. However, any pickup made 30 minutes or greater than scheduled pickup are welcome to a FULL refund providing they cancel the service (see #4 refund section below)
  • Arrival times to the passengers final destination is not guaranteed. We suggest the passenger informs Reid Chauffeurs of their required arrival time so the most suitable route and feasibility of the time is considered
  • If you have any medical conditions, you must make these apparent to us prior to your trip and inform us of emergency contact details
  • We unfortunately cannot accept bookings to transport: Pets, animals, babies, infants, children under the age of 13 years, weapons, New Zealand banned substances, hazardous substances
  • By booking with Reid Chauffeurs you agree you have not: been convicted of a crime within the last 5 years, are intoxicated at time of pickup, are under the influence of drugs, have undeclared health issues, have undeclared injuries
  • Due to the nature of our vehicles, we are unable to transport wheel-chair bound passengers without assistance, we do apologise for any inconvenience caused
  • The driver is at their own discretion allowed to detour, reject or deviate from the requested route
  • If the driver deems the road or terrain not suitable for the vehicle (i.e. off-road, flooded, muddy), the driver can change the final destination to suit and help organise an alternative mode of transport (at the passengers expense)

2. Personal Property & Liability

  • While every measure is made to ensure passenger safety and the safety of their personal belongings / valuables, Reid Chauffeur does not guarantee nor assume liability for any of the passengers belongings or valuables
  • Passengers traveling with valuables / important items must declare these to the driver so they can be securely stored in the vehicle
  • Reid Chauffeur is not liable for any disruptions, damage, and/or defamation incurred as a result directly or indirectly from the driving services offered
  • Any liability is explicitly limited to the total booking amount paid by the custome

  • 3. While Traveling With Us, For Our Safety & Your Safety

    • All passengers are required to fill in their details prior to their trip with us. (emailed to you)
    • All large items must be kept in the vehicles trunk. Only small items are permitted in the cabin
    • No 'harmful' items are permitted in the cabin, this includes (but not limited too): scissors, knives, lighters, weapons
    • Passengers MUST wear a seatbelt at all times whilst in the vehicle, even when the vehicle is stationary
    • Passengers are NOT permitted to smoke within the vicinity of the vehicle or inside the vehicle at any time
    • Passengers are NOT permitted to consume alcohol and/or drugs within the vicinity of the vehicle or inside the vehicle at any time
    • Passengers are forbidden to change, move or swap seats whilst in the vehicle
    • Passengers are forbidden from disembarking the vehicle until parked, and the driver has informed its safe to do so
    • Passengers are welcome to advise of the requirement for a rest stop if required at their convenience
    • Reid Chauffeurs cannot always accurately estimate the time required to reach your destination, therefore cannot be liable for any disruption to your plans / itinerary
    • Due to New Zealand's traffic and safety regulations, the driver is required to take breaks. On longer trips, the driver may stop the vehicle for a short rest  in compliance with these regulations
    • The driver, at any time, may choose a different route to the one originally planned. This maybe for any reason (including: avoiding roadworks, traffic, tolls and accidents)
    • Depending on the destination drop-off point, the driver may request the passengers to disembark at a different destination when conditions don't allow easy access for our vehicle - this includes (but not limited to):
      • Blocked roads
      • Restricted access roads / driveways (where no access clearance has been given)
      • Metal / chip / dirt / mud roads where the vehicles safety and maneuverability is at risk
      • Areas where no clear path is defined (i.e. off-road)

    4. Payment & Refund Policy

    • Bookings cancelled that have a third party vehicle booked (such as a Van) will have an additional deduction of the vehicles total rental fee; plus any of the below if applicable
    • Bookings cancelled no earlier than 24 hours of pickup are entitled to a full refund, LESS a $100 administration fee.
    • Bookings cancelled between 6 and 24 hours of pickup are entitled to a 50% refund
    • Bookings cancelled within 6 hours of pickup are unfortunately NON refundable
    • Credit Card Bookings are subject to additional surcharges for refunds
    • Payment methods accepted are: Credit Card, Bitcoin, XRP, PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, Cash (NZD only)
    • Payment must be received in full prior to pickup
    • If a driver becomes unavailable or a vehicle is not in service when you were booked, Reid Chauffeur will book an alternative 'corporate taxi' option and any balance of booking fees remaining will be refunded to you
    • If external influences delay the pickup, you are entitled to a full refund if our arrival is expected to be 30 minutes after your requested pickup time

    5. Airport Pickup Policy

    • Reid Chauffeurs may arrive to the airport later at their own discretion if the flight is estimated to arrive later than the time you provided during your booking
    • Reid Chauffeurs cannot guarantee pickup times due to external influences (flights, traffic, weather)
    • We will arrive approximately 20 minutes after the arrival time of international flight clients
    • We will arrive approximately 10 minutes after the arrival time of domestic flight clients
    • If our wait time is exceeded by 70 minutes of your flights scheduled arrival time, there will be additional fees of $25 per 15 minutes ($100p/hour)

    6. Wedding Policy

    • Reid Chauffeurs will arrive at the initial pickup location no later than 15 minutes before your requested departure time
    • Reid Chauffeurs request you give a suitable buffer to allow for unexpected events such as weather, traffic and road closures that may set back your arrival time