About Reid Chauffeurs

A boutique, luxury high-end private hire company

Established after finding the need for a more high-end local Chauffeur experience, Matt Reid founded his company after using many services when travelling. In most cases the experiences were great - modern cars, professional drivers, efficient services. However, in New Zealand, Matt realised a lack of hire companies with prestige cars and matching service.

While many people are happy to settle for a Toyota Camry, Prius or the Holden Commodore, at Reid Chauffeurs we try to offer a more refined, luxurious experience. We do this by delivering a more welcoming etiquette as well as modern, smooth riding vehicles. Many of our clients demand the best of the best when it comes to transport, and that is what Matt strives to deliver.

Matt has another successful business in the IT sector, and cars are his passion alongside that. Matt is not only legally licensed to transport clients, but he also rides Motorbikes, drives Trucks and does the odd track day... Matt loves to drive and deliver value to his clients wherever possible. When travelling with Reid Chauffeurs, you can expect the experience that Matt would expect if he was being Chauffeured.

Whether you're wanting an extravagant wedding car for your bride or groomsmen, or just a nice relaxing trip to the city, we can help.

I look forward to seeing you aboard.